KIARANIX Pty Ltd ReFuel and Garage card Vehicle finance
ReFuel Garage card and motor finance


KIARANIX Pty Ltd is a South African company that offers its own branded ReFuel and Garage card and supplies diesel fuel at a huge rebate to all its card holders. KIARANIX also gives huge discounts on tyres, exhausts, batteries, shocks, and wheel alignment. Our products are made available to both the man in the street and to Corporate Groups.  
Our products are aimed at consumers, both corporate and Individual who want to save money on fuel, tyres, vehicle expenses as well as those consumers who cannot obtain Motor finance or Petrol and Garage cards through the traditional route via the SA Banks. KIARANIX products provide a Unique and Innovative way to secure payment to all KIARANIX merchants and ensure repayment. Card Holders will only get huge discounts if using the KIARANIX card for purchases. No ITC or credit checks are needed for the KIARANIX ReFuel and Garage cards, thus  anyone can apply, and will be approved if permanently employed.

KIARANIX can offer any client motor finance for a vehicle not older than 8 years and which does not exceed a contract term of 60 months. KIARANIX will do an ITC and credit check on all clients in order to calculate the said clients total affordability and exposure. KIARANIX may even be able to offer vehicle finance to a client that has a bad credit record or who had his/her finance declined by the traditional financing routes of South African banks. Vehicle finance products will be available from end of August 2014.


The only card with a difference, available to all.