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Brand experience

The experience encountered by KIARANIX clients when interacting with KIARANIX is: 
Simple – We have a simple  application form that requires information that clients find easy to complete
Effective – Illustrated by the fact that KIARANIX is the only recognized company that is a  provider of products to the credit impaired consumer market in South Africa. More applicants receive finance and ReFuel and Garage cards from us more effectively than from any other finance provider.
Compliant -  KIARANIX complies fully with the letter and spirit of all consumer laws, regulations and codes, including the National Credit Act
Fast – The speed of our processes meet and exceed the industry standards
Informative – The client knows  the status of their interaction with KIARANIX at all times.
Competent – KIARANIX  front line staff handle any query directed at them quickly, accurately and effectively.
Consistent – KIARANIX  strives for and expects the Clients experience to always be the same irrespective of with whom or how the client interacts with KIARANIX
Singularly focused – We do what we do best – FOCUS only on our target market and nothing else!!  

The only card with a difference, available to all.